Are Robots replacing humans??

Humans are complex beings with emotions, brains, and cognition that make them a lot different from robots. However, we do not require humans to fix screws, work as firefighters, clean the dirt or defuse bombs (which are dangerous to our lives). Instead, robots replace these jobs to secure our lives.

In my perception robots are rather enhancing humanity through the simplest reason: Robots are controlled by humans and they will continue to be the slaves of their masters.

The history is a proof that if humans use the technology in the right way, then technology has always been a boon to humanity right from its existence! Let’s get back to that era of human messengers used to move across large areas on foot and running to send messages from one land to the other. Later, wheels, one of the finest inventions in the history of human life, were introduced. Clearly, the invention did take away a lot of jobs as one person alone could now easily and efficiently travel larger distances on a vehicle and deliver hundreds of messages as compared to the earlier scenario where 100 messengers were required to deliver 100 messages, and that was highly time consuming. But the question is, after losing jobs, do you think messengers did nothing? They must not have quit but rather must have done something and that something would have created more jobs for them.

In a similar way, robots are not taking the humans jobs they are encouraging humans to perform task that a robot can’t! Task like creating seamless software, develop life changing solutions, introduce humanity to the products which just makes our lives better and many more responsibilities like this where a robot simply can’t take any charge. Well, its time now to jump into this technology towards robotics to make our lives better and I’m into it.

If any hands to help ourselves out please drop a mail to I am Aadesh Shah, Working at the Center for Robolution as a Robotics Application Research Engineer.

Let’s robolutionize the world.

“Humans can enrich technology! But they don’t have to be slaves for that; we have robots!”

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