Robotics – Control Over Control !!

Robots and humans futuristic technology concept with man and machine coming together and merging into one as a technological, social issue idea of human-computer engineering joining together with the intelligence of people.

What’s Robotics?
It’s the branch of technology which has incorporated many engineering fields in itself like mechanical-design, computer science, electronics etc. Robots interact with the physical world and amuse us, and these are simple machines which perform a task in an autonomous or semi-autonomous manner.
 It’s challenging task to generalize an opinion on robots. For some it would be a machine which can walk on two legs, for others it may be like, it should have the capability to think and act like humans. However, there is no general definition of this term. But I may have something for feeding over, according to me “A robot is a machine which can perform a task in a known environment under already set parameters”.
Any machine performing a task autonomously is a robot, like performing a task in industry, nanobots helping in the field of medical sciences, space robots and first robot Sophia to receive a citizenship of a country. They all are robots performing tasks in a controlled environment.
Since technology is playing a vital role in helping human work more efficiently, we can predict robots can take over many jobs. As the corporate world is also on the apex of entering the robotics world, let’s consider the pros and cons of this technology on the business world:-

However to me, robotics is a sign of the experiment which is being conducted on us, to incorporate humans with robots, are we fit for that environment?? So for answering that question, giving citizenship was one of the ways to impress our makers, now don’t get agitated by reading the last sentence cause we haven’t seen or met our makers, again it’s food for thought which many of us can’t digest. Now many of you may have a question regarding the mysteriously proximate text we have in our religious books, maybe that is the documentation by our makers left for us to follow a particular path.
The Future is gonna be amazing and we have to make it better by controlling.I am a RoboTamer, building a career in the most futuristic domain – Robotics in Center For Robolution. RoboTamer is Learn and Earn robotics upskilling platform, which is making me ready for the coming future through teaching me concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning with a lot of real-life industry projects and problem-solving.

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