Can we cohabit with Robots?

Robots are the most sophisticated creation of the mankind. A creation that would stand by them to take over
their menial tasks and thereby building a new ecosystem where even robots can exist. But the question is
“Are we ready?”

Robots are evolving, getting smarter and faster each day. There is a breakthrough in the field of robotics that keeps
the humans motivated to bring more innovation. But, yet another question, “Do we need this innovation?”

Robots are already being used in industries for manufacturing, surgery, and delivery services to name a few.
And as these robots become more technologically advanced, they learn and perform jobs faster in lesser time,
less money and greater reliability. However, “Can a robot cohabit with humans as an assistant?”

Before all these questions, are robots worth to be considered as a part of this new ecosystem? Well, the answer is, definitely! And why not. Robots can be a part of our ecosystem because, since their advent, work has been shared between man and machine. And robots are no more like the machines that existed 10 years ago. Rather, they are customized and personalized with a sole motive of aiding humanity and work independently. They take care of the human soul and protect it at any cost; they interact with humans as well as the physical atmosphere around a human. Then how are they not fit for the human ecosystem? Robots are ready to be inducted. All we have to do is to program them to function the way we want them to. Surprisingly, this may eventually create an ecosystem that would seem meaningless without robots as there are multiple tasks that can’t be accomplished without them.

A robot is nothing but a single unit that multitasks because it is capable of performing multiple functions and operations. Having too many gadgets around you? Well interestingly, we can somehow even integrate all of
those and have just a single robot functioning as them all.

However, for me, the real question is ‘Why the fear of the robots?’ Do we fear that robots may replace humans? But isn’t it true that if there are no humans, robots do not exist! We are the creators and we enhance them to be
an intelligent machine. Then why can’t we stay with them in one ecosystem? An ecosystem where both are interdependent on each other!

Another question that arises for the civilization today is in the innovation sector. As we innovate more, we fear that humans would be at stake. But if we think closely gadgets have made our lives easy and simple. Taking the example of cell phones, they were made with a sole purpose of talking to anyone, anytime and anywhere. But
with science and innovation, our cell phones have turned into minicomputers and the specification of our cell phones can be somewhat considered better than the laptops we use these days. Surprisingly, to some extent, we can call our cellphones a type of a robot because robots are everything that controls a process and we really need better science and technology to improvise our control systems. And when we want better, we need to innovate and innovate.

The last question I would like to raise in this article is that, “Can we cohabit with robots?” the answer to this is question relies majorly on the mindset of an individual. Wouldn’t you love to walk around a park with a gadget
you control shoulder to shoulder? Wouldn’t you like a gadget to take care of you so well that you don’t feel lonely at all? There are innumerable things a robot can do. It can do everything that a human can imagine. And when we can imagine and envision robots, we can innovate and create them too.

I think humans have always aimed to live a life which requires less effort. Which is why robots were created. If innovation has reached such an enormous stage, then there is no scope of fear because more can be achieved. And with robots, there is no loss, only gain. So why not innovate till we are satisfied! All we need to do is change the way we perceive the possibility of co-existence of humans and robots. Its time now to jump into this technology towards robotics to make our lives better and I’m into it. If any hands to help robolutionize the ecosystem, please drop a mail to

Robotics has only one rule: Flourish humanity!