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With RoboTamers® you work alongside robo-enthusiasts, industry experts & thought leaders and design, build, develop and deploy state-of-the-art robots, IoT and algorithms that matter. We help you with an empowering research ecosystem with education and skill development along with unique earning opportunities as you build intellectual capital.

Explore the RoboTamers® Program

Proof-of-Concept as a Service

We design futuristic solutions surrounding experiences that augment human skills using emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and others to rapidly grow your business.

Retail industry

Solutions that enable a smart shopping experience.


Solutions targeted at great airport experiences.


Solutions for rapid building of infrastructure.


Solutions catering to your financial institution's needs.

Research Consulting

We not only love technology, we also know how best to use it. Whether you're a university, start-up or an established company, we help you build, train and setup everything you need to leverage emerging technologies and help you build our future.

Academic Institutions

Build an in-house robotics center right in the heart of your college.

Established companies

Help your team get ready for the technologies of the future.


Partner with us and start building interesting products. We know how startups work because we are one ourselves.

Incubation centers / Accelerators

Build in-house Robolution garage, within your center.

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